I’ve been tough on Sherrod and his campaign. I disagree strongly with how some things have gone down, both by the candidate and by his staff. I make no bones about that. PBD recently put up a post in an attempt to find away out of the mess that is the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day Massacre. In the comments, Frank points to a daydream type scenario that got a comment from me.

Read the post and join in the discussion.

My comment: Damn Frank. I would sure love to see that happen, but fear it needed to have happened already to do any good. I think the bridge is toast.

Since about a day or two after the Valentine’s Day Massacre, I’ve been looking for a reason – someone give me a reason – to drop it and get behind the guy still in the race. All I’ve been able to find thus far are reasons to sit this one out. I don’t want to to that, but I also have seen the actions of the Brown campaign and Sherrod himself and they have NOT impressed me.

Sherrod had a big time opportunity to heal the wounds but has thus far passed. I imagine some might pass on him as well.

I really wish your scenario would come to life, but don’t see it happening. It would be a grand day in the ODP and among the netroots here to see it. Imagine Strickland on his whirlwind campaign, Sherrod taking on BushCo and DeWine, and Hackett giving them hell on the radio and on the road. It would be damn near unstoppable, but I think it is out of our reach to even hope that this happens.

Both sides need to give here, and there is enough ego to spread among a dozen in this one.

What I won’t do is forget how this went down and continue to try to expose it and prevent it from happening again. The bigger picture is too important to me.

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