Hackett sitting in for Bill Cunningham again today. Online stream available. Thus far I think he’s jumped the shark. He might have lost it. Audio later….Okay, maybe just a shaky start. He’s no radio pro (yet) either.

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  • I didn’t record any of the show today, but I wish I’d gotten the direct quote about what Brown needs to do to really put this thing to rest.

  • Eric,

    If it ain’t pretty, don’t put the audio up. It is time to put the Hackett/Brown feud to rest. Do not contribute to it.

  • Eric

    I’ll put up what’s interesting. My comments just meant that at the beginning of the show Paul sounded nervous and was trying too hard.

    I appreciate the advice and comments.

  • Dan Lucas was formerly fired from Brown’s campaign according to peedee open. That is the guy at the center of the whisper campaign against Hackett. He left on Sunday. That should have been a day that Brown mended fences with Hackett. He could have apologized for Dan Lucas’s actions. Too bad that this did NOT occur. It would have gone a LONG WAY.

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