from the PD:

With his primary opponent out of the way, though not out of earshot, U.S. Senate candidate Sherrod Brown is re-tooling for his November battle against incumbent Republican Mike DeWine.

Among the campaign?s recent changes: Dan Lucas, the controversial interim campaign manager, is out. He left the campaign Sunday and moved back to Washington.

So Lucas is out. Why? Anyone see a press release? Anything on the Brown website? David wonders if this will be enough to satisfy the blogosphere. Not for me. We asked for them to come clean and ax the guy responsible. Quietly “retooling” is not what most want. Not to mention the only place you read about it is in the Brown Leak Line…er, um Openers.

Brown?s campaign also re-assigned a couple of staffers who worked on Internet communication to more traditional field work.

LOL. Better luck with field work Phil.

It’s still seems to point to the fact that Sherrod just wants it all to go away on it’s own and is showing no leadership in making it happen. What we are asking for is to demonstrate some leadership and I bet most all of us would come running. As yet we’re still hanging out watching. Russell thinks we don’t really matter anyways, so all good.

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