Support Communismfrom the Studebaker campaign:

On Saturday, February 25th, Dr. Stephanie Studebaker, candidate for U.S. Congress, joined 5,000 union members at Courthouse Square in Warren, Ohio for a show of support for Delphi?s struggling working families. On stage Stephanie was joined with IUE-CWA national president Larry Cohen, Ohio Supreme Court candidate A.J. Wagner, and Congressmen Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan. Stephanie was honored to have been invited to ride with UAW Local 696 to the event. The ?Rally for the Valley? was organized to bring focus on the potential impact the Delphi bankruptcy may have not only on the active and retired Delphi employees, but on our communities as well.

Dr. Stephanie Studebaker was on record commenting on Dayton?s epic job loss:

?In a one year period from September 2004 to September 2005 the Dayton metro area had the second highest job loss in the nation with over 4,200 layoffs. Dayton is ground zero for America?s outsourcing problems. We have decent, hard working families that don?t know whether they can put food on the table in the future. With Delphi, our problems just get worse. I was proud to join with my friends in the labor community today. My biggest disappointment is that our Congressional leaders from Southwest Ohio were too busy to attend.?

Dr. Studebaker is fighting for our future and Smart, Honest Government, Fiscal Responsibility, Education and Jobs.

More detailed report with photos up over at BSB.

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