Yet another MSM “journalist” gets it wrong, and John Nichols should know better. He’s been in Ohio (former Blade writer and editor) and should no better than to write:

Hackett was not the strongest candidate in the Democratic primary race, and he certainly wasn’t the strongest progressive. With the filing deadline for the May Democratic primary rapidly approaching, Hackett was confronted with new numbers from his own pollster that showed Brown ahead among likely voters by an almost 2-to-1 margin–46 percent for the Congressman to 24 percent for Hackett. The poll revealed that despite Hackett’s full-time campaigning since last fall while Brown was tied up in Washington leading the fight against the Central American Free Trade Agreement and other Administration follies, Hackett had made few inroads among Democrats outside his southern Ohio base. Hackett has had a hard time convincing most Ohio Democrats–particularly liberal voters in the northern Ohio counties, where the party is strongest–that he would be a bolder or better candidate than Brown, who’s a passionate critic of the Administration’s rush to war and one of Congress’s ablest critics of corporate excess.

First of all, would The Nation shills please stop misrepresenting what that internal poll said? Please? Get the freakin’ facts on it here. This is bad journalism. The poll actually says Hackett pulls into the lead once voters get his message, which makes the charges against the Brown campaign and the Dem leadership all the worse – they prevented the better candidate from competing in the election! No other way to spin that. I won’t argue that Brown is the “stronger progressive candidate”, but we are talking about winning here in Ohio John – we do not care for any moral progressive victory. We’ve had plenty of those, thanks.

Sure, maybe the home of Brown in the NE was soft on Hackett, but I’m going to bet once both messages got out there it would be really close. Listen, what’s done is done – no matter how wrong – but would “journalists” stop distorting and misrepresenting polls to make them feel better about their party turning Rovian? I beg of you.

And come back to Ohio sometime John. You might have seen the 3-1 turnout for Paul in many places that Brown visited days later. All over the state.

(hat tip grandpaboy, who also comments)

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