Is this a signal that someone wants Paul out of the limelight? Why would a letter from a Republican’s “lady friend” be coming out in the PeeDee Openers to attempt to disparage a candidate who isn’t even in the freakin’ race? Apparently someone wants Paul to stfu. I wonder who that someone is?:

On the day the world found out that Paul Hackett was dropping his Democratic Senate campaign, his law office in downtown Cincinnati was busy with another priority — soliciting an accident victim via form letter.

The ”lady friend” of a high-ranking Republican official in Hamilton County got a Feb. 14 letter from Hackett asking her to to drop by at no cost to find out how much money her injury might be worth.

(Check out the letter here, with the recipient’s name removed: Page one and page two.)

The GOP official said such letters from Hackett probably would have become Republican ammo against the Iraq War vet’s Senate dreams. He said they could have been used to portray Hackett as a greedy trial lawyer angling to drum up business with hopes of big paydays from insurance settlements.

The letter makes it clear Hackett found out about the accident after his law office combed through public records: ”We learned of your recent automobile accident from the police report which was filed as a result of your accident,” Hackett wrote.

I have to tell you…I couldn’t get my brain to move past “lady friend”. A Republican’s hooker got a letter from Paul? Ah the visuals on that one. You know what as well? I am sure – no absolutely positive – that there are no Republican lawyers who practice personal injury. Damn near positive.

Let the games continue…shit sure is fun for bloggin’!

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