LOL…right now Paul is calling John Ryan live on the air. Audio later…

Hackett calls John Ryan on the air live at WLW (actually returns a call, but doesn’t get through – still a funny clip):

(sorry for the gaps, didn’t edit out the buffering from the streaming)

…more audio coming

Paul tells a caller to put down the crack pipe:

I did not get to listen to the entire show, but will tomorrow as Paul will be back on with Mike and they’ll be talking economy they say. What I did hear was classic Hackett. The reason he resonated so well with the netroots and alot of the grassroots Dems is he said what alot of us have been thinking for a long time. Some will call this a part of his ego-driven media blitz and bash Paul for speaking out. I say they should have thought about this when they were swiftboating and knee-capping him. This is huge trouble for the Brown campaign, but very good news for Dem reform in Ohio. It’s a correction mechanism and it appears to be much needed. Maybe at some point the leadership will get it…I’m certain after November they will.

I think PBD has some good thoughts on what Sherrod needs to do, but I’m not sure that it isn’t too late.

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  • the guy is talented on the air, no question about it.

  • Betsy McCall

    The guy is a jerk on the air. He’s now bashing the entire Dem party and all the Dem candidates, too.

    I predict he’ll be the next Perot, another bi-polar, political narcissist who starts his own party.

    Sounds like he’s got all those GOP talking points down pretty good and is now driving the wedge into Ohio voters by saying “Dems dont support the troops”. How original.

  • Betsy McCall

    BTW, is this a Republican blog? Does anyone know of an Ohio Dem blogs? This one seems to be all Dem bashing all the time.

    Just wonderin…

  • Eric


    All due respect, but if you can’t figure out if this is a Republican blog or not we got issues. I don’t bash anyone…I simply blog things from my point of view. Don’t like it? Convince me otherwise with sound, logical arguments or leave. That simple, really.

    I’m more than glad to have you, and I do like sarcasm, but give me a break.

    You need to ask yourself who gave the GOP the talking points in the first place. Take a real hard look at that and you might ease up on Paul. It’s one of those make your bed situations.

  • Betsy’s been busy hitting many blogs leaving virtually the same post on all: Hackett’s a jerk…blah blah blah.

    Eric– when Hackett left the race I thought he would perfect for radio. He can have a major impact in that forum and have huge megaphone as well…

  • I really don’t like this new venture. It’s undignified and counterproductive. Paul needs to steer clear of talk radio- especially at WLW 700, the same station that bashed him personally and derided his military service during the special.

  • Eric

    i can see your point ann, but my gut feeling is the fact that you used undignified as a criticism is part of the problem. i have no want or desire for politicians to be dignified…just honest.

    i’m not aware of the WLW bashing during the special, who was it? did it come from the same show he’s on now?

    i think he’s pretty good at it, and hell, if the ODP won’t let him play then maybe he can affect change in this way…

  • Hackett just strikes a nerve with frustrated Democrats, like myself. I find it maddening that so many diehard Dems find that difficult to cope with.

    Hi, Betsy. You’ve been busy bashing Hackett around the blogs/DU today… sorry he drives you up a tree, just breathe, ok?

  • Hackett is hilarious. He would be great on AirAmerica. I still want him in politics but he may be able to make more of a change in business as usual from a radio gig.

  • I disagree with Ann. I don’t think that Hackett was undignified at all. He is telling it like it is. He is great on the radio. Because he is controversial and a straight talking he really could get people riled up.

    Hackett could be the next Rhandi Rhodes or Ed Schultz.

  • Americain

    He’s not going away quietly. He did a great job on the radio and I hope he keeps it up. He’s right that we can’t return to business as usual, that the Democratic Party needs a major overhaul if we’re going to win again. I hope he keeps pounding away on this.

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