LOL…right now Paul is calling John Ryan live on the air. Audio later…

Hackett calls John Ryan on the air live at WLW (actually returns a call, but doesn’t get through – still a funny clip):

(sorry for the gaps, didn’t edit out the buffering from the streaming)

…more audio coming

Paul tells a caller to put down the crack pipe:

I did not get to listen to the entire show, but will tomorrow as Paul will be back on with Mike and they’ll be talking economy they say. What I did hear was classic Hackett. The reason he resonated so well with the netroots and alot of the grassroots Dems is he said what alot of us have been thinking for a long time. Some will call this a part of his ego-driven media blitz and bash Paul for speaking out. I say they should have thought about this when they were swiftboating and knee-capping him. This is huge trouble for the Brown campaign, but very good news for Dem reform in Ohio. It’s a correction mechanism and it appears to be much needed. Maybe at some point the leadership will get it…I’m certain after November they will.

I think PBD has some good thoughts on what Sherrod needs to do, but I’m not sure that it isn’t too late.

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