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Leaks and Tweaks

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Is this a signal that someone wants Paul out of the limelight? Why would a letter from a Republican’s “lady friend” be coming out in the PeeDee Openers to attempt to disparage a candidate who isn’t even in the freakin’ race? Apparently someone wants Paul to stfu. I wonder who that someone is?:

On the day the world found out that Paul Hackett was dropping his Democratic Senate campaign, his law office in downtown Cincinnati was busy with another priority — soliciting an accident victim via form letter.

The ”lady friend” of a high-ranking Republican official in Hamilton County […]

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Hackett on WLW

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LOL…right now Paul is calling John Ryan live on the air. Audio later…

Hackett calls John Ryan on the air live at WLW (actually returns a call, but doesn’t get through – still a funny clip):

(sorry for the gaps, didn’t edit out the buffering from the streaming)

…more audio coming

Paul tells a caller to put down the crack pipe:

I did not get to listen to the entire show, but will tomorrow as Paul will be back on with Mike and they’ll be talking economy they say. What I did hear was classic Hackett. The […]

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Fossaceca Joins Flannery Campaign

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via email:

Bryan Flannery, Democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio, announced today the addition of Anthony Fossaceca to his campaign team as Communications Director. Fossaceca most recently served as Campaign Manager for State Senator Eric Fingerhut in his bid for Governor.

“I’m excited to add one of Ohio’s brightest, young political talents to our team” Flannery said. “Anthony has worked side-by-side with some our state’s smartest and most respected political leaders. His experience and creativity will help our campaign build momentum as we move through the primary phase and on to November.”

full PR below break

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Yet another MSM “journalist” gets it wrong, and John Nichols should know better. He’s been in Ohio (former Blade writer and editor) and should no better than to write:

Hackett was not the strongest candidate in the Democratic primary race, and he certainly wasn’t the strongest progressive. With the filing deadline for the May Democratic primary rapidly approaching, Hackett was confronted with new numbers from his own pollster that showed Brown ahead among likely voters by an almost 2-to-1 margin–46 percent for the Congressman to 24 percent for Hackett. The poll revealed that despite Hackett’s full-time campaigning since last fall […]

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From the Kilroy for Congress Blog (hat tip UAPA):

Friday was a big day for us here at Kilroy for Congress. It was our honor to host Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa and discuss the importance of ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable, quality healthcare.

I first met Mary Jo a few years ago at a library meeting of progressives. There must have been no more than ten people in the room and she was very active and engaged. You really got the sense that she gave a damn.

See this UAPA post for […]

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from the Studebaker campaign:

On Saturday, February 25th, Dr. Stephanie Studebaker, candidate for U.S. Congress, joined 5,000 union members at Courthouse Square in Warren, Ohio for a show of support for Delphi?s struggling working families. On stage Stephanie was joined with IUE-CWA national president Larry Cohen, Ohio Supreme Court candidate A.J. Wagner, and Congressmen Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown and Tim Ryan. Stephanie was honored to have been invited to ride with UAW Local 696 to the event. The ?Rally for the Valley? was organized to bring focus on the potential impact the Delphi bankruptcy may have not only on the […]

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Sulzer Picks Up Endorsements

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via email:

18th Congressional District Endorsements

o The Ross County Democratic Committee
o The Jackson County Democratic Committee
o The Vinton County Democratic Committee
o Mayor Mike Walsh, Mayor of Logan, Ohio
o Gene Dennis, former Mayor of Logan, Ohio
o Bill Eagon, Knox County Democratic Committee Chairman
o Scott Hillis, Zanesville Law Director
o Mayor Tim Turner, Mayor of Coshocton, Ohio
o Steve Madru, Ross County Democratic Committee Chairman
o Sheriff Ron Nichols, Ross County Sheriff
o Eugene Branstool, former Ohio Democratic Party Chair

Statewide Endorsements


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