BSB points to a good article in the Dispatch about Delaware Dems gearing up to fight. I’m a soldier in that fight and proud to be on the front lines. We need help, to be sure, and if you are in Delaware County please contact me so we can sign you up.

Some good quotes from both Ed Helvey and Sam Murphy. We are indeed opening up a permanent office in downtown Delaware and we will be fighting. My goal is to get as many young Dems as possible to bring new energy into the party. I’ve noticed through canvassing for RON as well as some local candidates that Dems in Delaware County are quite surprised they are not the only ones. That is the problem. We all tend to get stuck here in our alcoves of liberalism, not realizing we are in fact all over the place. My job is to help connect the dots.

There is a grassroots sub-committee and we are working hard to get better precinct level organization. It will take us all in Delaware County working hard to represent our neighborhoods and build the organization it will take to get out the message, get out the vote, and win in ’06 and ’08. I invite you to join us. We’re kicking grass and taking names!

Kicking Grass

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