the revolution will not be bloggerizedTim got me thinking today. I blogged earlier on the Hackett “Hell Freezes Over Tour”, which was first seen by me in the PD blog Openers. The curious thing is the quick replies from the Brown campaign. Take a look at the post. Notice the first “counterpoint” at 10:03: “Brown’s campaign points”. Who at the Brown campaign? Who would have the kind of access that could get a blogger at the PD to update their post so quickly?

Then again at 10:27, more flows in from the Brown campaign: “And supplies these quotes”. Who supplied the quotes, which were very organized and sourced neatly? Who has that kind of access to Sloat and the PD? Any old campaign? If I have information to add will it get posted in mere minutes?

Connie said upon taking a leave of absence (paid LOA?) that “I cannot play a significant role in his campaign as long as I work at this newspaper.” (link)

Then Sherrod says:

Brown said his wife, who has taken a leave from her job as a columnist for The Plain Dealer’s lifestyle section, will be “very active” in his campaign, serving as a surrogate speaker and as a strategist.

Which is it? Based on the blog entry I’d say strategist sounds like a good bet, but maybe Bill can stop by and clear it all up. Even if there are layers of plausible deniability, it is clear that something is going on given the quick counterpoints and the influence a Pulitzer Prize winning LOA’d writer might have. It seems highly irregular that a blog post gets updated within hours of coming out…that stuff normally takes a bit longer for a campaign to react, no? It would also seem to make sense to make this a separate post, entitled “Brown Camp Responds to Hackett Comments”…or is that just me?

She might not work there actively at the moment, but it appears the influence is alive and well.

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