I haven’t commented on the ODP Executive Committee endorsements, but you can imagine my thoughts on the issue. Much like the charade that was the installation of the new ODP Chair, this process gave me little to feel great about. Can you imagine this process if Hackett were still in? No wonder they needed to clear the way – that woulda been brutal!

Here’s the thing, I can see the thinking of the ODP here: they want to have a solid slate in order to start the work of a unified effort to oust the culture of corruption and get some Dems elected. My belief is that you let us Dems choose. Primaries are a time to refine the message and put candidates out there and see which ones resonate and motivate the electorate. Dem success is going to hinge on Dems coming out. Dems will come out when they get excited about a candidate. I don’t think this slate is that exciting at all.

When there are several good canidates running – as we have this year – primaries can create great energy within supporters of all camps. The prevention of primaries via forcing out candidates and “screening” tends to suppress such excitement. If a voter’s favorite candidate is forced or screened out, their energy is sapped and that potentially spills over into the GE. If there is a primary, the camp that loses is more easily motivated to get behind the winner. The ODP thus far has been pretty effective at the buzzkill.

In terms of Subodh Chandra, it really begs the question: why not give a dual endorsement seeing how the Screening Committee (a body I still have questions about) was very close in their votes? Was it the name? Was it the race? Was it being an outsider?

Right now I see a slate of candidates, while all good in different ways, still represent a club of insiders – call them the Our Turn Club. I can’t imagine what listening to Chandra and Hackett would be like at the same event, but at least we still have one. I hope Subodh figures out a way to get around the endorsement issue and wins a chance to become the next AG. I think he deserves it. Funny name and all.

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