from PD’s Openers:

None of the fight has gone out of Paul Hackett, who told a home-county Democratic audience Thursday night that he won’t do anything to help U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown campaign for the Senate.

“Not in my lifetime,” Hackett said. ”He spread rumors about my service in Iraq that were absolutely bullshit.

“Sorry, I’m a hillbilly at heart, and also Irish,” Hackett explained. “I’ve got Irish Alzheimer’s. You know what that is: You forget everything but a grudge.”

Hit the link for more…that thread is blowing up. Horrible news for the Brown campaign. And in even worse news: “Not one person rose to challenge him for attacking Brown”. Blowback is a bitch.

Update: The Brown campaign points to some of Hackett’s mending fences comments and appears to be using a “flip flop” defense against Paul’s latest remarks. Maybe Paul was just having family issues…

Update 2: Paul is hereby declared the Admiral of the Serapis Project.

Update 3: I had been looking for some photos of the Bush visit and any accompanying protest, etc. Found them here. Included is a first person account of the Hackett meeting (hat tip BSB).

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  • Hard to blame him. The ongoing attitude from the Brown camp is a real turnoff. I’ve *said* I’m going to vote for the dude, but asking for enthusiastic support during what would have been the primary season is a bit of a stretch.

    I just wrote what will by my last Kos diary for a while, and I’m already getting trashed in it. I really don’t think I said anything all that incendiary. From what I can tell, this is just how the Brown supporters at Kos treat people who don’t “fall in line”.


  • Eric

    I was done with Kos after the blogad fiasco…

  • Eric

    Fun day at the Brown campaign today I’m sure. Quick, Hackett is causing us trouble, we need to react!

    Brown campaign – Act 1, Scene 37

    –scene opens with two Brown staffers looking at a laptop screen–

    Staffer: Maybe we can jump on the blogs and troll this away.

    Staffer 2: Nah, tried that. Those fuckers are smart.

    Staffer 1: Call Paul a Republican? He sure is acting like one.

    Staffer 2: Nah, tried that too, turned out it was BS.

    Staffer 1: I know. Let’s do some more whispering…only this time that Paul is gay – no wait…uh…mentally ill – we can forge a doctor’s note.

    Staffer 2: Dude, YOU are mentally ill. We are fucked.

    Phil: Guys, who the hell didn’t make more coffee?


  • Well, I’ve been pretty annoyed with Kos Inc. for a while now–you know, “Crashed the Gates, but am now sitting comfortably by the fire with my feet up. Kiss my ring, peasants.”

    Okay, I’m a *little* bitter.

    But I still posted there because of the community. Now, though, the bad outweighs the good. I can’t imagine how my diary called for the kind of vitriol it received.

  • Eric

    Armando is an ass hat. Just fight where you are and leave the big box bloggers alone. It is a community of our types who are more powerful in the end anyways.

  • anomolous

    Armando was spamming the Hackett-Brown threads last week with chidish vitriol and name-calling people who didn’t agree with him. Now he’s trying to revert to a “reasonable” persona. Forgive me if I don’t buy it.

    Brown supporters are one of his biggest liabilities now, but I think they are getting their marching orders ? even if merely suggested ? from him. he exudes a “don’t ackonwledge this worthless opponent” arrogance, so they do too. Now that Hackett has spoken, it may be too late.

  • Muffet

    I got sick of Kos a long time ago. It’s not even listed on my favs anymore. I only go to these Ohio blogs now and the links from there. These people: BSB, Oh-2d, Plunderbund, etc., know what’s going on, what’s important, and people here have more sense.

    I just left OH-2d’s happy thread, so I am happy with my first martini of the night!

  • Drdemocrat

    Poetic Justice: What goes around, comes around.

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