from the Blade:

The disgraceful handling of Paul Hackett’s candidacy by the Ohio Democratic Party shows that despite claims of reforming the party, it’s business as usual.

Mr. Hackett was certainly rough around the edges, but his message struck a chord with many people. I think many voters are tired of the smooth-talking politician who has become adept at answering a question in 37 different ways without saying anything. With Paul Hackett, you knew exactly what you were getting and he left no doubt as to what he meant.

I disagree with party chairman Chris Redfern that Sherrod Brown stands a better chance against Mike DeWine. I see an election between Mr. DeWine and Mr. Brown as more of the same.

Being blindsided by the party that urged him to run in the first place only means voters will not have the lively debate between Mr. Hackett and Mr. Brown and recalls the old Soviet political system where the voters could only vote for whom the party told them to.

Sadly, the net result is that Mr. Hackett seems ready to end a promising political carrier before it starts, and Ohio voters are the ultimate losers.

Don Munkacy

River Road

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