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The Hand of Connie Schultz

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Tim got me thinking today. I blogged earlier on the Hackett “Hell Freezes Over Tour”, which was first seen by me in the PD blog Openers. The curious thing is the quick replies from the Brown campaign. Take a look at the post. Notice the first “counterpoint” at 10:03: “Brown’s campaign points”. Who at the Brown campaign? Who would have the kind of access that could get a blogger at the PD to update their post so quickly?

Then again at 10:27, more flows in from the Brown campaign: “And supplies these quotes”. Who supplied the quotes, […]

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from PD’s Openers:

None of the fight has gone out of Paul Hackett, who told a home-county Democratic audience Thursday night that he won’t do anything to help U.S. Rep. Sherrod Brown campaign for the Senate.

“Not in my lifetime,” Hackett said. ”He spread rumors about my service in Iraq that were absolutely bullshit.

“Sorry, I’m a hillbilly at heart, and also Irish,” Hackett explained. “I’ve got Irish Alzheimer’s. You know what that is: You forget everything but a grudge.”

Hit the link for more…that thread is blowing up. Horrible news for the Brown […]

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Hackett Fallout: Not Just Bloggers

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from the Blade:

The disgraceful handling of Paul Hackett’s candidacy by the Ohio Democratic Party shows that despite claims of reforming the party, it’s business as usual.

Mr. Hackett was certainly rough around the edges, but his message struck a chord with many people. I think many voters are tired of the smooth-talking politician who has become adept at answering a question in 37 different ways without saying anything. With Paul Hackett, you knew exactly what you were getting and he left no doubt as to what he meant.

I disagree with party chairman Chris Redfern that Sherrod Brown […]

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Picking Our Candidates

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I haven’t commented on the ODP Executive Committee endorsements, but you can imagine my thoughts on the issue. Much like the charade that was the installation of the new ODP Chair, this process gave me little to feel great about. Can you imagine this process if Hackett were still in? No wonder they needed to clear the way – that woulda been brutal!

Here’s the thing, I can see the thinking of the ODP here: they want to have a solid slate in order to start the work of a unified effort to oust the culture of corruption and get […]

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