Well, the trend continues. I was quoted in The Other Paper that the Brown campaign was dismissive of blogs. I was talking about local lefty blogs and it appears nothing is going to change soon. Instead of reaching out to us here in Ohio, Phil de Vellis (yes, mr. anonymous is still employed turns out) posts over at a Big Box Blog. He uses a line that we just might see replace “We’re In This Together” on bumper stickers: “This is one election where no one can stand on the sidelines.”

Uh, yes they can…and probably will. I’ll let you sift through the mess of comments, but if you’ve followed Hackett-Brown stuff on Kos you will realize there is just as much a split there as here in Ohio…and I’m finding more and more evidence that it ain’t just bloggers. This one is gonna be tough – but just might end up being the correction that is needed.

I’m sorry, but a guy who trolls anonymously and thinks it’s good “online strategy” and sends out emails to right wing blogs tipping them on smears to his Dem opponent does not deserve nor will get my unity. So piss off.

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