David Meadows at military.com gives us some insight into the ousting of Paul Hackett from the Senate race in Ohio with a military perspective:

This February the Democratic Party showed true colors when it asked Paul Hackett of Ohio — an Iraqi war veteran — to withdraw his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. The Democrats want to go with a ?Professional Politician’ — Sherrod Brown, and Brown is definitely a Professional Politician. According to his biography, he did serve as an Eagle Scout while growing up, but that was the closest he came to wearing a uniform.

Meanwhile, Brown is whining that he is hearing rumblings in Washington that Rove is going to be very active in Ohio. One word reply: duh. Sherrod doesn’t think it will be pleasant. double duh.

Any guesses out there as to what might be in the playbook? 9/11 maybe? Iraq war? Wussy liberal? Any idea which of the now defunct primary candidates was well insulated from such things? I’ll give you a second…

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