…talking about all things blogs and Sherrod Brown. I’ll link to the online version when it is up, but for now here is a pdf file. Be sure to pick up The Other Paper this week. I hear you can get them all over town.

A couple of comments:

“Most people would rather visit the dentist than a political blog…”

I wonder if Dan thinks the same of reading a political column in a free weekly rag? He does admit that political blogs are being increasingly read among the media and political class as a means of gauging the mood among grassroots activists. Thanks, Dan. I personally hate the dentist way more…but then again I are one!

In answer to the question of why don’t we move on, I told Dan that there are reasons outside of liking Hackett – primarily the integrity of the process. I actually think that more important, along with the fact that objectively you had to think Paul could compete better then Sherrod in a general. So yeah, there was that winning thing too.