Statement from his site:

As you may now be aware, I have had my name removed from the list of candidates for the Ohio 12 Congressional District. As a fellow Democrat, I have watched over the past few years how the political winds have blown. Like you, I had been frustrated by our seeming inability to acquire even a modicum of electoral success. Now, the good news is that we are fighting back. In an election where Democratic candidates shouldn’t even have a chance, we now have 5 fantastic candidates who each in their own right bring the best qualities for which we Democrats have long been waiting. A spectrum of talent that ranges from the vigor of youth to the experience of age, we have candidates who bring passion, fortitude, and knowledge to the primary — and I wish them all well.

I am grateful for the support from the hundreds of people who have called and written to me in these past few months — your support has most gratifying and I will never forget that. My personal feeling is that 6 candidates are too many and thus I am stepping aside to give our Party the best opportunity it has had in a long time to win. With the overwhelming interest and support of Republicans in these past few months, I feel confident that we Democrats will soon retake the 12th and restore the values in which our Founding Fathers believed.

Again, my thanks and best wishes…


That leaves Patricia Shaffer (D-Dublin), John Swords (D-Columbus), Former Rep. Robert N. Shamansky (D-Columbus), Edward S. Brown (D-Columbus), and Michael Reilly (D-Powell).

Ed Shamansky will be featured in an upcoming session of Meet The Bloggers, which should be announced soon. I hope we can also get the others who will be staying in the race to do MTB as well.

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