Blogesque covers a breakfast meeting with Sherrod Brown today. Billed as a forum to ease the tension between Brown and Hackett supporters, it ended up being an unfocused venting session according to Len:

All in all, it ended up turning into a somewhat unfocused policy forum. Brown seemed content to let the group do most of the talking, which I suppose works well as a venting exercise, but doesn’t answer many direct questions.

But the most bloggable nugget is this comment when asked whether the Brown campaign called to block donors from funding Hackett:

Brown said that Hackett’s main fundraising sources were ‘New York gays and Hollywood elites’ (I think that was the phrase), and that “of course” his campaign contacted these groups and tried to convince them to give money to him rather than Hackett.


It is for sure worth reading the rest. Some good overall analysis as well. I hope for the best here, but with all I’ve witnessed with the way this campaign has been run I’m certainly not convinced they can pull it off. They need to go on a late first half run here…badly.

Updated: Susan at HowardEmpowered has a take as well. Her best point is illustrated here:

Brown was completely unaware of the other races where the DSCC and DCCC have meddled in the primaries. I told him about Florida, Illinois and Pennsylvania. I explained to him that we were not angry at *him*, but at the DSCC and DCCC. I told him I felt they’d presented us with a Catch-22. If we vote for him it affirms their meddling in state politics. If we don’t vote for him we lose a progressive in office. His response, to paraphrase slightly, was “Well, you live in Ohio and you know what you have to do.”

“what you have to do”…right. What we have to do is not put up with this crap, continue to draw the line and hold those accountable who need it. I’m all about building the party and trying to get Dems elected, but not at the expense of the integrity of the party itself. This entire race has damaged us and like Susan points out, Brown himself has no idea to what extent.

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