The Ed Schultz show came to Cincy today and Sherrod was on it. Haven’t even listened to yet, just wanted to get up.

Sherrod on Big Eddie:

Update: Comments. They talk about Bush’s visit. They talk about Rush calling him black. Ed does get to the Hackett situation, to which Sherrod basically says he wants Hackettites on board – uses Connie’s speech at the ODP meeting as evidence. The message to change the state is “Strickland-Brown”. They move swiftly to the UAE port situation. Ed went way easy on him given how pissed he was while he had Hackett on. Claims Bushco never admits a mistake – irony alert! Sherrod got some good shots at Bush at the end as it relates to his focus post-911 and this whole Dubai deal. Ed ends by saying “we’re on board with ya”.

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