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Nick Singh Withdraws from OH12 Race

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Statement from his site:

As you may now be aware, I have had my name removed from the list of candidates for the Ohio 12 Congressional District. As a fellow Democrat, I have watched over the past few years how the political winds have blown. Like you, I had been frustrated by our seeming inability to acquire even a modicum of electoral success. Now, the good news is that we are fighting back. In an election where Democratic candidates shouldn’t even have a chance, we now have 5 fantastic candidates who each in their own right bring the best […]

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Brown on Big Eddie (audio)

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The Ed Schultz show came to Cincy today and Sherrod was on it. Haven’t even listened to yet, just wanted to get up.

Sherrod on Big Eddie:

Update: Comments. They talk about Bush’s visit. They talk about Rush calling him black. Ed does get to the Hackett situation, to which Sherrod basically says he wants Hackettites on board – uses Connie’s speech at the ODP meeting as evidence. The message to change the state is “Strickland-Brown”. They move swiftly to the UAE port situation. Ed went way easy on him given how pissed he was while he […]

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David Meadows at gives us some insight into the ousting of Paul Hackett from the Senate race in Ohio with a military perspective:

This February the Democratic Party showed true colors when it asked Paul Hackett of Ohio — an Iraqi war veteran — to withdraw his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. The Democrats want to go with a ?Professional Politician’ — Sherrod Brown, and Brown is definitely a Professional Politician. According to his biography, he did serve as an Eagle Scout while growing up, but that was the closest he came to wearing a uniform.

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Now this is how you respond to right wing lunacy. Remember my rant about the hateful and bigoted HB 515? Well, Bob Hagan has just put out a call for co-sponsors of a similar bill, which would ban Republicans from adopting. You heard me right: Ban Republicans from adopting! Precise opposite of my thought on requiring them to, but you are gonna love this (via Openers – Sandy Theis):

Citing ?credible research” showing that children raised by Republican parents are more likely to be intolerant and egotistical, state Sen. Bob Hagan has sent out a request for co-sponsors […]

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The Nerve of Some

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Well, the trend continues. I was quoted in The Other Paper that the Brown campaign was dismissive of blogs. I was talking about local lefty blogs and it appears nothing is going to change soon. Instead of reaching out to us here in Ohio, Phil de Vellis (yes, mr. anonymous is still employed turns out) posts over at a Big Box Blog. He uses a line that we just might see replace “We’re In This Together” on bumper stickers: “This is one election where no one can stand on the sidelines.”

Uh, yes they can…and probably will. I’ll let […]

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…talking about all things blogs and Sherrod Brown. I’ll link to the online version when it is up, but for now here is a pdf file. Be sure to pick up The Other Paper this week. I hear you can get them all over town.

A couple of comments:

“Most people would rather visit the dentist than a political blog…”

I wonder if Dan thinks the same of reading a political column in a free weekly rag? He does admit that political blogs are being increasingly read among the media and political class as a means of gauging […]

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People, Politics, and Lawnmowers

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Many have said that the ODP had nothing to do with Paul Hackett getting squeezed out of the Senate race. I don’t believe it, and here’s why: The Lawnmower Culture. The actions of national Dems in calling for Paul to get out of the race and clear the way for their establishment darling is evidence of this. The people get excited and grow something ground up – hell YOU grow something from the ground up – and then come along with the party machine and mow it down.

Whether or not the ODP had a hand in the Valentine’s […]

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More Reaching Out

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Blogesque covers a breakfast meeting with Sherrod Brown today. Billed as a forum to ease the tension between Brown and Hackett supporters, it ended up being an unfocused venting session according to Len:

All in all, it ended up turning into a somewhat unfocused policy forum. Brown seemed content to let the group do most of the talking, which I suppose works well as a venting exercise, but doesn’t answer many direct questions.

But the most bloggable nugget is this comment when asked whether the Brown campaign called to block donors from funding Hackett:

Brown said that Hackett’s main […]

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