It’s official:

Official Ohio Democratic Party Endorsements

U.S. Senate: Sherrod Brown

Governor/Lt. Governor: Ted Strickland/Lee Fisher

Attorney General: Marc Dann

Auditor: Barbara Sykes

Secretary of State: Jennifer Brunner

Treasurer: Richard Cordray

Supreme Court (O’Donnell Seat): A.J. Wagner

Supreme Court (Resnick Seat): Ben Espy

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  • anonymous

    Did John Reardon drop out of the race for State Auditor? If so, we lost a great candidate from the Mahoning Valley.

  • As far as I’m concerned, that’s another good reason to vote for Chandra.

  • anonymous

    Chandra is from Cleveland. I like him, but that won’t help democrats carry the Mahoning Valley in 2006.

    Marc Dann represents part of the Mahoning Valley and will definitely help us turn out the vote in 2006.

    I think both are highly qualified candidates, but because of the Noe Scandal, better known in the western portion of the state.

    The real factor here should be fundraising. Any down the ticket race must have the finances to be competitive in the general election. Then again, we must focus on the Auditor and Secretary of State races to gain the apportionment board.

  • I’m pulling for A.J. Wagner. I knew him when I was a youth and he first got into politics, as he was a friend of my father.

    That was also probably my first experience with “dirty pool”. We had a yard sign for him that was repeatedly vandalized, destroyed, or stolen. In fact, this was a widespread problem for his campaign. He won the county auditor seat anyway.

    That said, I’m not sure how it serves the ODP to make endorsements at this stage of the game unless one candidate is *vastly* more qualified than the other(s).

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  • According to the phone number listed as the day time contact for John Reardon, he is going to make a statement in the next few days.

    I’m assuming that means he’s going to pull out of the race.

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