…all hell is breaking loose (hat tip UAPA):

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 22 ? A powerful explosion shattered the golden dome of one of Iraq’s most revered Shiite shrines this morning, setting off a day of almost unparalleled sectarian fury in cities and towns across Iraq as protesting mobs took to the streets to chant for revenge and set fire to dozens of Sunni mosques. (NYT)

Not good:

Not good!

Protests? You want protests? We got your protests right here:


Juan Cole weighs in (says this could be a civil war tipping point), as does Dan Murphy of the CSM:

As citizens deserted the streets of Baghdad in the wake of the attack, many said they feared this could be a seminal moment in Iraq’s low-intensity civil war.

“The war could really be on now,” says Abu Hassan, a Shiite street peddler who declined to give his full name. “This is something greater and more symbolic than attacks on people. This is a strike at who we are.”

This is big, really big. This thing could get unmanageable with a quickness. We are now a bit more unsafe thanks to our wreckless disregard. But, you know, I just remembered they have democracy now and purple fingers to go along with them. So all is well. Please return to your regularly scheduled program…

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