“A week and a half ago, Paul Hackett got out of the (Senate) race and said it was the Deomocratic bosses that pushed him out. Then he said he got out of the race because he didn’t have enough money. Then he said he got out of the race because his poll numbers were too low. Now he’s saying our campaign is spreading rumors.

hmmm…how about all of the above?

“It’s absolutely not true. I heard lots of rumors about Paul Hackett months ago. Connie (Brown’s wife, Connie Schultz) and I heard it together from somebody. We immediately told our campaign that we were not interested in those and they were not to spread any rumors or discuss any rumors about Paul Hackett, period.”

Yah, it was a Republican plot (which would actually make sense given Hackett had to be the bigger threat). There are just too many things that point back to the Brown campaign. But nice try. Deny and tell us to all come together – that was predictable.

BSB has more…including a staff change?

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