The Tip Hat

I’ve put out a tip hat (top right). It’s a nice old hat from my grandpa’s closet. I used to wear it while goofing off on the farm. Feel free to drop in some spare change, which will go toward the following:

Plunderbund Podcast: I’d really like to be able to upgrade my headset so that interview audio via Gizmo sounds better. Consider tipping or just donate A Plantronics DSP500! ($44.59 on Amazon) For just talk audio or live interviewing, I’d like to get a better mic as well. Help get me closer or donate a Samson C01U! ($108.95 on Amazon)

Hosting: Hey, not like I won’t pay it anyway, but your tips help defer such things.

Audioblog: Our audio and video streams are powered by, which is a paid service. It’s not a bad deal really, but traffic growth will increase the costs. Help me keep the audio and video streamin’! 4/13/06: The recent popularity of two Subodh Chandra videos maxed out our monthly bandwidth on, causing surcharges. I really enjoy being able to have it and let people see videos and listen to audio right on the site, but it could get expensive. Think about supporting the site!

So consider hitting the tip hat on the home page and helping out! It is very much appreciated and also makes any of your suggestions carry more weight. Heh.


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