The bad blood fueled by the Sherrod Brown’s campaign has caused them yet more problems (nevermind the already poor polling numbers). The Toledo Blade is reporting a leaked internal Hackett campaign memo which highlights opposition research showing Brown’s problem with terrorism and intelligence (hat tip OH02).

Republicans are swift to pick this up:

Mr. Hackett quit the race last week, leaving Mr. Brown as the near-certain Democratic nominee against incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine. But not before his campaign paid more than $5,000 to comb Mr. Brown’s background for political weakness.

The research concluded it was unwise to attack Mr. Brown’s career voting record in a Democratic primary, because he toed the party line faithfully. It also predicts Republican attacks on Mr. Brown this fall.

“For Sherrod Brown, the issue of terrorism presents a big problem,” a Hackett consultant wrote in an undated memo. A paragraph later, the consultant called Mr. Brown’s intelligence votes “evidence that Brown would be pummeled in a general election match-up, as we already know how Republicans use the issue of terrorism against Democrats.”


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