The bad blood fueled by the Sherrod Brown’s campaign has caused them yet more problems (nevermind the already poor polling numbers). The Toledo Blade is reporting a leaked internal Hackett campaign memo which highlights opposition research showing Brown’s problem with terrorism and intelligence (hat tip OH02).

Republicans are swift to pick this up:

Mr. Hackett quit the race last week, leaving Mr. Brown as the near-certain Democratic nominee against incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine. But not before his campaign paid more than $5,000 to comb Mr. Brown’s background for political weakness.

The research concluded it was unwise to attack Mr. Brown’s career voting record in a Democratic primary, because he toed the party line faithfully. It also predicts Republican attacks on Mr. Brown this fall.

“For Sherrod Brown, the issue of terrorism presents a big problem,” a Hackett consultant wrote in an undated memo. A paragraph later, the consultant called Mr. Brown’s intelligence votes “evidence that Brown would be pummeled in a general election match-up, as we already know how Republicans use the issue of terrorism against Democrats.”


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  • anonymous

    Kinda funny how you and other Hackett supporters are so ecstatic about this coming out.

    Thanks for your support of the ORP!

  • Len

    Despite the fact that the language of the article doesn’t really support it, Markos was quick to label this as the works of “bitter former staffers,” in keeping with his Blame Hackett First narrative.

    Small wonder I hardly ever go over there anymore.

  • Eric

    anon, you reap what you sow

    Len, yep. I rarely do either. His and Jerome’s actions in this have not been honorable to say the least.

  • Eric


    let me be more clear. i find no joy in losing another election, to say the least. i also don’t support the freakin’ ORP – that’s a dumb statement. why don’t you place the blame where it belongs? i’m just reporting on the mess.

    i personally wanted to see a hard fought, clean primary – but others did not apparently. i then wanted to kicked DeWine’s ass – something i think has become exponentially harder now.

  • Pounder

    impossible I would say – but I guess all those latte drinking liberals in cleveland all thought they knew better from day one anyhow.

    Syonara Sherrod.

    Sherrod Brown has no integrity. Character is important.

    that canary in his cage must be having a heart attack right about now.

  • anastasia


    There’s that darned latte thing again! What latte-drinking liberals in Cleveland? I didn’t even know what a latte was until someone else used this derisive phrase and I asked. This tea-drinking middle-of-the-road realist in Cleveland isn’t too happy with what went down and is still eagerly awaiting a concilatory statement from the Hackett’s opponent ? but not holding her breath.

  • Drdemocrat

    I don’t see what the big deal is. It was based on his voting record. His voting record is in plain sight and would have been picked apart by DeWine and the GOP.

    I don’t get the problem here.

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