NEW YORK ? Citing the need to help other candidates in the same situation he was in, former candidate for the US Senate Seat in Ohio and Iraq Veteran Paul Hackett is announcing his decision to join Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Political Action Committee (IAVA PAC) today, as a member of the group’s Board of Advisors. IAVA PAC will benefit those candidates, who like Hackett, are Iraq or Afghanistan Veterans seeking to continue their service to their country by seeking elected office.

“Anyone who was upset about what happened to my Senate campaign should support IAVA PAC to help ensure it happens to no one else,” said Hackett.

“As a candidate for the House and Senate, I got a crash course in party politics that wasn’t always pretty,” he added. “IAVA PAC represents the best hope to get early institutional support to others who face the same challenges I did. I want to be sure that they do not suffer the same fate that I did, by helping them build campaigns that can run strongly without party support. Washington, DC needs these patriots, because they are the only ones with direct experience and credibility on the most important issue facing this nation ? the war in Iraq. They are the only ones who can successfully challenge the course on which we are currently heading.”

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