OK, let’s get this straight. Make one of the most Orwellian statements ever uttered in a SOTU speech (“we’re addicted to oil”), then visit a place designed to help fix that AFTER you’ve already cut their budget. Are these people for real?

from Rocky Mountain News:

President Bush will tour the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden next Tuesday to discuss his administration’s policy to boost energy production from the sun, wind, and plant and animal waste.

Bush’s visit, however, comes at a sensitive time. The federal energy lab is laying off nearly three dozen scientists because of dwindling federal funding.

The president’s proposed budget for the next year seeks $162 million for NREL, $10 million less than the lab’s budget this year.

I’m sure the explanation will be something akin to the “braking your car versus going in reverse” analogy. This little political game of paying lip service to alternatives should be outed and outed hard by the Dems.

Update: Well, BushCo figured this was going to be bad news, so guess what? The 32 people laid off have all been called back just prior to Bush’s visit. LOL. Could this be more transparent? They still cut the damned budget and the only reason for this last minute hustle is because peope would raise a huge stink. Unbelieveble!

Update 2: Wanna know more about the “Western Business Roundtable” mentioned in the article? Well, it raises money for the GOP surprise surprise….and the executive director Jim Sims? He was communications director for Dick Cheney’s energy task force in 2001. Hehe.

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