From the daily archives: Monday, February 20, 2006

Hackett Joins IAVA PAC Board

On February 20, 2006 By

NEW YORK ? Citing the need to help other candidates in the same situation he was in, former candidate for the US Senate Seat in Ohio and Iraq Veteran Paul Hackett is announcing his decision to join Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Political Action Committee (IAVA PAC) today, as a member of the group’s Board of Advisors. IAVA PAC will benefit those candidates, who like Hackett, are Iraq or Afghanistan Veterans seeking to continue their service to their country by seeking elected office.

“Anyone who was upset about what happened to my Senate campaign should support IAVA […]

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Senate Race Blowing Up in Dems Faces

On February 20, 2006 By

The bad blood fueled by the Sherrod Brown’s campaign has caused them yet more problems (nevermind the already poor polling numbers). The Toledo Blade is reporting a leaked internal Hackett campaign memo which highlights opposition research showing Brown’s problem with terrorism and intelligence (hat tip OH02).

Republicans are swift to pick this up:

Mr. Hackett quit the race last week, leaving Mr. Brown as the near-certain Democratic nominee against incumbent Republican Sen. Mike DeWine. But not before his campaign paid more than $5,000 to comb Mr. Brown’s background for political weakness.

The research concluded it was […]

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New poll shows Strickland with commanding lead:

Strickland leads Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell 47% to 35%. This is a weaker showing for the Republican than we found in January.

The flip side is the Senate race, where DeWine has taken advantage of the Hackett job and has pulled to a 9 point lead. I think this might make the case for annulment don’t you?

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Bush Energy Tour: Oh The Arrogance!

On February 20, 2006 By

OK, let’s get this straight. Make one of the most Orwellian statements ever uttered in a SOTU speech (“we’re addicted to oil”), then visit a place designed to help fix that AFTER you’ve already cut their budget. Are these people for real?

from Rocky Mountain News:

President Bush will tour the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden next Tuesday to discuss his administration’s policy to boost energy production from the sun, wind, and plant and animal waste.

Bush’s visit, however, comes at a sensitive time. The federal energy lab is laying off nearly three dozen scientists because of dwindling […]

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Tip Hat

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The Tip Hat

I’ve put out a tip hat (top right). It’s a nice old hat from my grandpa’s closet. I used to wear it while goofing off on the farm. Feel free to drop in some spare change, which will go toward the following:

Plunderbund Podcast: I’d really like to be able to upgrade my headset so that interview audio via Gizmo sounds better. Consider tipping or just donate A Plantronics DSP500! ($44.59 on Amazon) For just talk audio or live interviewing, I’d like to get a better mic as well. Help get me closer or donate […]

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