No matter what you believe or don’t believe in the divisive Senate primary race, this quote from longtime Hackett friend Michael Brautigam shows us clearly what needs to change (from PD):

“The real reason [for Hackett’s withdrawal] is, the political process does this to people who have not been around it since they were kids,” Brautigam said.

“The political process destroys individuality, creativity and leadership. When you have to spend all your time begging for money, begging for approval, and perhaps most importantly, fighting your fellow Democrats tooth and nail, it takes a lot out of you.”

Leaving the swiftboat stuff alone, the polling data alone, and all the other rumors and whispers alone and what we are are left with is that the same Dems who told Paul his country needed him stabbed him in the back because one of their own insiders wanted to clear the field because it was “his turn”.

I spell that one way: W R O N G

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