David Sirota is in all out panic mode. He’s probably seeing and hearing all of the news about the apparent swiftboating of Paul Hackett. So the biggest Sherrod Brown shill out there is just straight up lying, trying to sell the notion that Paul was “beat”…and beat fairly I might add.

He points to polls. Or, rather, he points to a very poor and misleading news article on Yahoo that portrays a late poll to indicate that Hackett had no chance against Brown in a primary. Problem is, the article never mentions the full poll, which goes on to show that if both the Hackett and Brown messages got out there, Paul would enjoy a 2 point lead over the golden name of Sherrod Brown. My advice to David Sirota is to do at least a cursory bit of research before he posts, or at least go ahead and put a disclaimer saying you are a Brown shill. One or the other.

Hackett Poll

Take a look at the entire polling that David references and decide for yourself.

People ask me sometimes why I blog. This would be an example in answer to that question.

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