…I’m stepping away for a few days. I hope to return with both a plan and renewed spirit…

  • Good idea, buddy. Think I’ll do the same starting tomorrow.

  • I think those are what’s known as “mental health” days.

  • Carole

    I am outraged! Let us, the voters, decide in the primary who is the better candidate! Who in the hell are they to decide for us. Let the better man win! This dictatorial BS is exactly what I do not like about Repugnants and now the Dems pull this trick! Brown is a nice man, but he told us he wouldn’t run (after some of us implored him to run, he said no). The Freepress reported that the Dems pulled This same kind of non-Democratic nonsense when they did not allow a paper vote for ODP chair and rushed the vote without grassroots input. Now we are stuck with an ODP chair who thinks Bernadette and Tom Noe are OK and respectable! Let Ohioians decide, not some DC politicians who don’t know us!!! I say, “push back.”

  • Take a long weekend. See ya Monday. 🙂

  • Ok, I have held off posting until now. I’m no longer officially with the Hackett campaign, so, here goes.

    Want to know what we did in the last three weeks? We knocked on 30,000 doors. We recruited 500 volunteers. We talked to real Ohioans — not just the party faithful — about hope for a new America. We dared to believe that, with a little hard work and a lot of faith, we could actually, finally, make a difference in Ohio.

    You see, it wasn’t about Paul Hackett. It was about the hopes and dreams we have for our country. Sappy stuff to the cynical among us, but the stuff of revolution for those who dare to believe.

    I think about the 180 people — new Democrats — who joined us in Columbus for a office opening last week. I remember person after person who thanked us for helping them believe again. And it was glorious seeing that spark again, long dulled after the defeat of 2004.

    They called, emailed, dropped by yesterday absolutely crushed. They won’t be back this year.

    So, to those who say we’re quitters or whiners, I say hell no. We’re just not willing to fight for folks who don’t care as deeply as we do about the process of being a truly Democratic Party.

    I hope I feel differently in a week. I doubt I will.

    In the meantime, I’ve not lost sight of the dream — it’s just farther away than I ever thought possible.

    Bryan Clark
    Field Director
    Hackett for Senate

  • Hey Eric,
    enjoy your time off. be healthy man, play your Shak. I’ll look for you back soon.

    Of interest, at work yesterday afternoon,(approx. 4:45 PM) I had CNN on the tube and Wolf was talking about Ohio and the goings-on. Their internet blogosphere reporter-woman displayed 3 Ohio Blogs on their big screen Monitor:

    1. BSB
    2. Plunderbund (!!!)
    3. Ohio 2nd

    your St Val’s piece made the National News Buddy!
    I was very glad I caught that, and very proud of you and the other bloggers we have here in Ohio.


  • Very cool re: Scott’s info

    Eric, take care – do the interview tomorrow, if it goes forward. IMHO.

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