Check this comment from a Kos thread:

Just had in interesting chat with a GOPer here in Cincinnati, a student who’s in the National Guard. Most of his unit is shipping over to Kuwait soon. He still believes that it made sense to invade Iraq, and believes Bush is telling the truth about what he knew about WMD (in other words, he’s not willing to admit the national GOP are a bunch of liars). But he said he dislikes DeWine, dislikes Jean Schmidt, and he supports Hackett. He added that his wife was going to start working for Hackett’s campaign this morning until he dropped out of the race.

Those are the kind of voters that Hackett was able to pick up. I wonder whether Brown can say the same.

by smintheus on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 10:41:55 AM PDT

This nails it. This is also the precise reason I was a Hackett supporter. I talked to numerous Republicans in OH02 during the special election who were voting for Hackett despite being staunce Republicans. My experience was also not isolated. I keep hearing it over and over again. I understand the stakes in the upcoming elections. I understand the importance of some wins. I also understand fully (more than most maybe – I’m am in Delaware County) where we live! Brown has no shot with these folks. Game over.

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  • You’ve got a great blog. Don’t stay away too long.

    We disagree on Paul Hackett who, as far as I’m concerned, is a creep and conman. Hackett and most of his supporters really makes my blood boil!

    1. This guy lied to and defrauded his contributors. How much money did Hackett raise by telling his contributors that he would not cut and run from the Senate race? He gave them his word, then went back on it. Now, he says his word is his bond. Indeed!

    2. Now that the quitter has left the race, how much money is he going to give back to the people who believed he was telling them the truth when they donate money to his campaign?

    3. Hackett complains about behind the scenes machinations, but he should know about them. Afterall, Hackett was involved in plenty of behind the scenes machinations when he ran for Congress! He was very comfortable sitting in smoke-filled rooms while local Party bosses cut deals to demonize and defame his primary opponents, like Charles Sanders, and promote him. Once the tables turned and Sherrrod Brown became the Party’s goldenboy, Hackett started moaning and groaning about how unfair the Dems have been to him.

    4. Why did Hackett’s statement have a release date of Feb. 9? Is it because he knew back then that he was going to quit the race but let his supporters hang on. (I’m sure he collected quite a bit of cash during the last 4 days, too.)

    5. What has Hackett done for the Democratic Party? I may not like Mike DeWine, but at least I know some of what he did for the GOP before he decided to run for Senate. He was a County Prosecutor and Lt. Govornor. It’s about time Dems like Hackett who think they can go from their mansion in Indian Hill and serving on a small city council to a seat in the senate get caught a lesson.

    I’m glad Hackett is out of politics. I just hope he STAYS OUT!

  • Eric

    Nate, disagree indeed. I have plenty to say to this but, honestly, I’m tired. Maybe someone will step in, but until then I’ll get to it later…

  • Eric

    PS – Sorry, meant to say thank you for the first compliment…thanks! 😉

  • Enjoyed reading your post. I know how angry, disappointed and frustrated I felt yesterday and I’m in California.

    You do have a great blog. Hope you resume political blogging soon.

    BTW – I agree with you. The game is over and in more ways than the senate race in Ohio.

    My blog: Nite Swimming

  • anonymous

    I could not disagree with you more, Nate. You seem to have picked up a few vague issues you have and blown them way out of proportion. If these vague things trouble you this much, frankly, there isn’t anyone running for office that could satisfy you.

    And how is Ohio a red state? Bush barely squeaked out a victory. Give voters good, positive Democratic candidates and don’t pick your pals in backrooms and Ohio voters might vote for them.

  • NickC

    Hackett’s appeal was nationwide and could have changed a lot of people’s attitude toward the democratic party. Paul Hackett was and is a statesman with overly broad appeal for a time when many are polarized. He was not only a great hope for the Democratic party in Ohio, but the Democratic party all across America. Hackett would actually just be good for American politics all together, but the Democratic leadership displayed their love of politics as usual that everyone should be disgusted by. If they wanted Brown, they should’ve just endorsed him and campaigned for him for the primary. They shouldn’t have double crossed Paul. Ohio was poised for great changes and the leadership shot themselves in the foot. Way to go Chuck, you just lost us one of the two guarenteed victories of ’06.

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