Check this comment from a Kos thread:

Just had in interesting chat with a GOPer here in Cincinnati, a student who’s in the National Guard. Most of his unit is shipping over to Kuwait soon. He still believes that it made sense to invade Iraq, and believes Bush is telling the truth about what he knew about WMD (in other words, he’s not willing to admit the national GOP are a bunch of liars). But he said he dislikes DeWine, dislikes Jean Schmidt, and he supports Hackett. He added that his wife was going to start working for Hackett’s campaign this morning until he dropped out of the race.

Those are the kind of voters that Hackett was able to pick up. I wonder whether Brown can say the same.

by smintheus on Tue Feb 14, 2006 at 10:41:55 AM PDT

This nails it. This is also the precise reason I was a Hackett supporter. I talked to numerous Republicans in OH02 during the special election who were voting for Hackett despite being staunce Republicans. My experience was also not isolated. I keep hearing it over and over again. I understand the stakes in the upcoming elections. I understand the importance of some wins. I also understand fully (more than most maybe – I’m am in Delaware County) where we live! Brown has no shot with these folks. Game over.

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