From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stepping Away From The Blogosphere

On February 14, 2006 By

…I’m stepping away for a few days. I hope to return with both a plan and renewed spirit…

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It’s A Red State Stupid

On February 14, 2006 By

Check this comment from a Kos thread:

Just had in interesting chat with a GOPer here in Cincinnati, a student who’s in the National Guard. Most of his unit is shipping over to Kuwait soon. He still believes that it made sense to invade Iraq, and believes Bush is telling the truth about what he knew about WMD (in other words, he’s not willing to admit the national GOP are a bunch of liars). But he said he dislikes DeWine, dislikes Jean Schmidt, and he supports Hackett. He added that his wife was going to start working for Hackett’s […]

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Redfern: “I Need A Hug”

On February 14, 2006 By

via dirtgirl from the comments:

I walked in behind Redfern into a Strickland event this morning, and the first thing he said when entering the room (to someone else, not me!) was ?I need a hug?. I guess he must have been reading the ODP blog comments.

LOL. I bet. Ain’t gonna get any better Chris.

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More Hackett on Schumer

On February 14, 2006 By

via CNN:

“My donor base and host base on both coasts was contacted by elected officials and asked to stop giving,” Hackett said. “The original promise to me from Schumer was that I would have no financial concerns. It went from that to Senator Schumer actually working against my ability to raise money.”

Now watch the denials and ho-hum bullshit that is about to descend upon us. Keep hammering away Paul!

And oh yeah, fuck you Chris Redfern!:

“It is my hope that whatever disappointment he might feel about these circumstances, that he will seize a different moment […]

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Paul’s Message To Supporters

On February 14, 2006 By

You ran this guy out? You fucking bumbling idiots!:

Dear Eric,

Today I am announcing that I am withdrawing from the race for United States Senate. I made this decision reluctantly, only after repeated requests by party leaders, as well as behind the scenes machinations, that were intended to hurt my campaign.

But there was no quid pro quo. I will not be running in the Second Congressional District nor for any other elective office. This decision is final, and not subject to reconsideration.

I told the voters from the beginning that I am not a career […]

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

On February 14, 2006 By

Tuesday February 14, 2006. The day the hit was put out on one of Ohio’s most up and coming politicians – the Democrat’s brightest star. The favorite son of the machine called in his markers and called upon the family to oust the young rising star. The fix was in. The hit was on.

They got their wish and more. The visions of smoke-filled rooms and cigar chomping fat cats – once the charicature of their opposition – now defined them. The deals had been cut and the set up had been orchestrated to perfection. The field had now […]

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NYT Reporting Hackett Out

On February 14, 2006 By

Hackett basically says fuck ’em…will not run for Congress. Done with politics. Who can blame him. I might join him…

Popular Ohio Democrat Drops Out of Race, and Perhaps Politics

Paul Hackett, an Iraq war veteran and popular Democratic candidate in Ohio’s closely watched Senate contest, said yesterday that he was dropping out of the race and leaving politics altogether as a result of pressure from party leaders.

Mr. Hackett said Senators Charles E. Schumer of New York and Harry Reid of Nevada, the same party leaders who he said persuaded him last August to enter the Senate race, […]

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