OK, they’ve blasted away Fingerhut. It sounds like you are next based on the weekend chorus of “Run again in OH02 Paul” and “We need your leadership there” and “Let’s pull together…”…blah…blah…blah. What they are really saying is we have a new plan and your Senate run does not fit into it. It’s Sherrod Brown’s turn. Noone else need apply.

I say call their bluff and don’t capitulate. It will bolster your outsider image even more and while you may not get establishment Dems behind you, you’ll get a shitload of younger and more energized types who are what the party needs anyway.

So i say stay the course. It’s the only way to garner the power needed to change the party from the inside out. Run…and even win…in OH02 and you’ll end up being another cog in that broken machine we call the ODP. You, sir, can defeat DeWine. We know this. So please to continue on your merry way.

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  • Anthony Fossaceca

    We have a press conference scheduled for Tuesday to make an announcement. It is premature to report that the Senator is dropping out of the race. The Plain Dealer blog cites unnamed sources who are not authorized to speak on the campaign’s behalf. Please stay tuned to our website for any official statements.

    Anthony Fossaceca
    Campaign Manager
    Fingerhut for Governor

  • Americain

    And Paul, when you tell “them” you’re still in the running make sure you list these Democratic leaders by name starting with Chuck Schumer. Just in case they don’t quite get it. 🙂

  • Eric

    Saw your comments over at BSB – good stuff. I find it hard to believe that people are actually acting like Hackett is stepping on Brown’s toes. Short memories!

    I bet the current OH02 candidates are hating all this. Talk about hinting at your illegitimacy to run given all the talk about Hackett stepping back into the race.

    The addiction to losing continues…

  • Americain

    Thanks Eric. I hate to say this but if Brown wins the primary he’ll go into OH-2 and will be like a slab of meat in a piranha tank. They will bait him mercilessly about being liberal and his “progressive” record even though I support that progressive record. I want to win. I’m being pragmatic. Hackett can win because he can talk to and relate to those rural voters. The other reason I’m supporting him is because he’s a hell of a nice guy who I’ve sized up as having great character. That counts for something too.

  • Eric


    Why post this all around when you know what the outcome is? Fingerhut is, indeed out. So says the site even.

    StricklanBrown – one down!

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