OK, they’ve blasted away Fingerhut. It sounds like you are next based on the weekend chorus of “Run again in OH02 Paul” and “We need your leadership there” and “Let’s pull together…”…blah…blah…blah. What they are really saying is we have a new plan and your Senate run does not fit into it. It’s Sherrod Brown’s turn. Noone else need apply.

I say call their bluff and don’t capitulate. It will bolster your outsider image even more and while you may not get establishment Dems behind you, you’ll get a shitload of younger and more energized types who are what the party needs anyway.

So i say stay the course. It’s the only way to garner the power needed to change the party from the inside out. Run…and even win…in OH02 and you’ll end up being another cog in that broken machine we call the ODP. You, sir, can defeat DeWine. We know this. So please to continue on your merry way.

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