Zero truth to all the stuff you’ve heard regarding Hackett getting out of the Senate race and getting into the OH02 Congressional race. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I’ve got it from several sources close to the campaign that it is all crap. In fact, it appears to have been all fabricated and leaked out by Rahm Emanuel, which is not surprising given his public statement today.

Expect to hear from the Hackett campaign soon that Paul will remain in the race and expect the rhetoric to heat up in the next few days. Underhanded politics coming out of Chicago? Naw. So see? DCCC meddling after all.

Feeling better about getting my new T-shirt today afterall…

PS – If played right, Hackett will raise a fuckton of money starting tomorrow. This should be fun.

  • Anastasia

    Wow. And I thought Chicago, my former (and future if Blackwell is elected governor) hometown, had changed! I am glad that there was no truth to this rumour and that we will be able to vote for which candidate we prefer. Indeed, it used to be that candidates were chosen in the smoke-filled backrooms (they are probably smoke-free now though) by Mayor Daly who did not give a fig about what the voters wanted. Rahm, for shame! You should have been helping find someone powerful to run against Latourette now that scandal appears to be finding its way to him.

  • Eric

    Well with all the MISinformation swirling around I would hang tight and wait for official word. All the rest is just speculation…I’m just hoping I’m right (not to be right, but because I feel it the best thing).

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