No lie. That’s how he puts it: Re-re-recruitment. LOL. And it’s a DCCC success! Woohoo. Pass me some of that please. Ah…thanks… (Hackett’s Move In OH)

Official announcement forthcoming…for sure…

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  • Drdemocrat


    Is Hackett in or out?

  • Eric

    Well, I have no information pointing out so I say in. I will add that if I were advising him, I’d say IN! He has a serious opportunity to change the face of Ohio politics if not the national landscape. Dems would be foolish not to follow his lead and charge to big victory in ’06.

    …but who knows what tomorrow might bring

  • Drdemocrat


    Why in one post you said no truth to the rumors and now you are backing off from that.

    Did you indeed hear from sources close to his campaign that those rumors are false or not?

    What is the truth.

  • Eric

    I did indeed…just saying there is alot of misinformation out there and until I hear “on the record”, I’m not going to so I know for sure. We are all speculating. But what I’ve said thus far is true in terms of what I’ve heard and talked to people about, etc.

  • oustudent101

    New York Times is Reporting: Popular Ohio Democrat Drops Out of Race, and Perhaps Politics

  • Curtis Fernandes

    Maybe hackett will come back as an Independent and kick some ass!!!!!

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