At the risk of tipping the blog echo chamber even further into ad nauseum, I couldn’t pass up the title of this article in the Sydney Morning Herald…as well as add a few comments. What me comment?

Couple things. First is peppering. Peppering is something you do to green beans or grilled fish. Getting shot in the face is, well, getting fucking shot in the face! I love the line, “Yayup. Old man Whittington got peppered purt good by god”. I actually can’t stop chuckling because of it.

Second is irony. Now I ask you. Is it not funny that after all the quips Dick took at Kerry for posturing on his hunting trip during the election, the fucking guy actually SHOOTS someone on one of his? I mean, I honestly don’t think I could make this up if I wanted to. I’m sure Franken, who thinks Cheney shot Whittington “just to watch him die” (lol), could make up such a thing.

And, oh yeah: Besides shooting dude he also broke the law and should step down. Someone how though that is not as exciting as “Cheney Shoots Guy”.

Also: Can’t you now just imagine how bad Hackett will slay this guy in campaign speeches? I mean it must seem like a plump ripe fruit. “I think given Dick Cheney’s unfortunate incident that Republicans now fully support ‘gun control'”. Or “Now does Cheney appreciate gun control?”. Or “It is too bad Cheney did not learn how to control his weapon – that is something military service might have given him”. “Vice President Cheney should have made weapons training one of his priorities”. The list goes on…feel free to add in comments.

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