Well this was only a matter of time: House Democrats urge Hackett to leave Senate race. Dem insiders who onced begged Paul to run for Senate because nobody else was stepping up are suddenly trying to get him to back down. Backing down doesn’t sound likely:

“I’m hunkered down,” said Hackett, who insisted he is not and has never entertained the notion of withdrawing.

“What that (calls to step aside) fails to recognize is my sincerity,” Hackett said. He said his desire in seeking the Senate seat now held by Mike DeWine has nothing to do with power, money or the other trappings associated with high elective office.

This all smells like the same old “Sherrod’s turn” dung. My prediction? Brown and establishment Dems will either force Hackett out or will eek out a primary win and go on to get crushed by Mike DeWine. Congratulations in advance!

It’s unreal to me how a candidate that is obviously more exciting and garners more of an activist mindset in Dems is not supported over an establishment Dem who, though hardworking and ideologically commendable, is…well…rather boring.

Tim has more on ODP backroom politics over at BFD.

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