Bush will be at Wendy’s corporate HQ on Wednesday according to The Dispatch.

Wendy?s spokesman Denny Lynch said the fast-food chain invited the president within the past few weeks.

“We?re simply rolling out the red carpet and welcoming the president,” he said yesterday.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s not political. I’m also sure you won’t mention this:

Wendy's Red State

(Wendy’s CEO John T. Schuessler: $18,000 Rsoft money)

A reminder to buy blue and why it is important. It is a shame because doubles with cheese are good. I hope Wendy’s doesn’t strong arm people into voting Republican like I’ve heard other local companies do.

Some other local companies you might think before buying include:

Scotts Miracle Grow (Scotts CEO James Hagedorn: $3450 R)
Cardinal Health (Cardinal Health CEO Robert Walter: $11,000 R)

Not only do the above mentioned companies give in great disproportion to Republicans, some also may be actively using intimidation tactics to get employees to walk the Republicorporate line. Don’t support them…find other ways.