[Parental Advisory: I will be cursing profusely in this post]

You know, I was having a perfectly normal day. I decided not to post much…make it a light day. Get some chores caught up on. Nice dinner with my family. Have a few drinks with like-minded friends. Then this happened: BSB – The Most Pressing Issue In Ohio:

To amend sections 3107.03 and 5103.03 of the Revised Code to prohibit an adoptive or foster child from being placed in the private residence of a homosexual, bisexual, or transgender person.

Damnit. Not gonna let this one slide. These sorry motherfuckers. Here is what I call on right now. I call on every right-wing Christian theocrat to adopt 2 children immediately. The sponsors of this bill should adopt 5 or take their fucking name off of this bill. Yes, you Hood, Brinkman, Reidelbach, Willamowski, Seaver, Hoops, Bubp, Gilb, Buehrer, and Schaffer. Adopt or drop (your sponsorship)!

I am so sick and fucking tired of this worn out shit I could scream. Gays and bisexuals are not fucking predators assholes. They are people…and if they care enough to try to adopt needy children, they don’t need your holier than thou fucking ass telling them they can’t – provided they are productive law-abiding citizens of course. I support non-discriminatory type checks for the safety and well-being of the child. But this bullshit is unacceptable theocratic partisan bullshit. Get your religion and your agenda out of the way of needy Ohio children.

And while you are at it, do a bit of research on the problem…er, um non-problem. This is all yet another Republican solution to a problem that simply does not exist:

Reflecting the results of these and other studies, the mainstream view among researchers and professionals who work in the area of child sexual abuse is that homosexual and bisexual men do not pose any special threat to children. – Source

view the bill if you’d like

We need to be watching this closely and I hope there are groups working against this. Let me know what you find and I’ll link, etc. I will most likely do an LOE and will for sure keep my eye on this.

Fucking bastards. I join BSB in my embarassment in having to call myself an Ohioan. The shit has to change and 2006 is a good place to start. He wonders if Strickland or Fingerhut will step up…I’m thinking we need to page Mr. Hackett. He’s about the only one who will stand up and speak out against this ridiculous shit. Mr. Hackett, line one please. Mr. Hackett, line one.

…is it Drinking Liberally time yet?

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