America VotesI attended the open house last night for the new Columbus America Votes offices. Pretty nice digs. For those unaware, America Votes is a coalition of a great many organizations on the left side of the dial – issue-oriented, labor groups, and other PACs. Their aim is to coordinate efforst among groups to increase efficiencies and power.

I actually first got involved in politics to my current level due to an America Votes meeting where I realized there were more progressives in Delaware than I first thought.

Scott Nunnery and Karen Gasper welcomed many at the open house, including a fellow blogger who I was glad to finally meet. I had what could be called a “name badge moment” – that time when you see a name and go “aha! i know you!”. Good to meet you Joe. [update: I also was very pleased to meet Terra, aka “dirtgirl”, a frequent Plunderbund commentor and keeper of Discovering Columbus]

Photos after the break

I gotta figure out what is up with my camera, so sorry about the quality:

America Votes Columbus new digs

America Votes Columbus new digs

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  • I’m glad you were there – that was better than free Sam Adams.

  • Eric

    I’d like to reciporocate, but, uh…damn…free Sam Adams. 🙂

  • Eric

    doh! as well…forgot the lovely dirtgirl in my freakin’ post. got it fixed though.

    hey joe, make is so non-blogger types can comment over at grandpaboy, would ya?

  • We’re givers here at America Votes…if free Sam Adams is what it takes to get you blogger types out of the cybersphere and in vivo…we’ll make it happen. The daylight is good for your skin anyway. That’s commitment to the movement.

  • Eric

    Just FYI, free Sammy will do it every single time. Great facility and good job with the open house, Scott. We bloggers look forward to helping you guys in everything you do. Thanks to you for getting my ass off the couch in the first place!

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