America VotesI attended the open house last night for the new Columbus America Votes offices. Pretty nice digs. For those unaware, America Votes is a coalition of a great many organizations on the left side of the dial – issue-oriented, labor groups, and other PACs. Their aim is to coordinate efforst among groups to increase efficiencies and power.

I actually first got involved in politics to my current level due to an America Votes meeting where I realized there were more progressives in Delaware than I first thought.

Scott Nunnery and Karen Gasper welcomed many at the open house, including a fellow blogger who I was glad to finally meet. I had what could be called a “name badge moment” – that time when you see a name and go “aha! i know you!”. Good to meet you Joe. [update: I also was very pleased to meet Terra, aka “dirtgirl”, a frequent Plunderbund commentor and keeper of Discovering Columbus]

Photos after the break

I gotta figure out what is up with my camera, so sorry about the quality:

America Votes Columbus new digs

America Votes Columbus new digs

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