from The Hill:

Hackett stumbled in early September, Democrats add, when he failed to announce his bid to unseat Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) sooner instead of later, inviting a challenge from Rep. Sherrod Brown (D). Now the party faces a protracted primary.

What? That sure isn’t how I remember it going down. I coulda swore it was Brown who delayed. Coulda swore. What kind of revisionist history is this? So now Hackett is the reason for a contested primary? I seem to remember he got there first and Brown said he felt the people of the 13th still needed him.

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  • this blog isn’t bullshit

    Hackett “stumbled” by not announcing during the worst natural disaster in the history of the country (which drenched Ohio)?

    I think the only mistake Hackett made was trusting Sherrod Brown. MTB made the same mistake by trusting that Sherrod Brown would keep his committment. Let’s hope that the voters won’t set themselves up to get burned by putting faith in somebody as untrustworthy as Brown.

  • Paul was being careful to make sure that he had the support of the leadership in Washington. Paul’s crazy that way. He likes to be a good team player. Little did he know that the rats in DC were already trying to screw him. Lies from that trip came out the same day in the press.

  • Drdemocrat

    Hackett stumbled?

    Even if Hackett had announced in September, Sherrod Brown would STILL hve announced later because Hackett had ALREADY TOLD BROWN THAT HE WAS GOING TO RUN AFTER HE GOT BROWN’S OKAY THAT Brown WASN’T GOINT TO RUN. It was Strickland who convinced Sherrod to finally enter the Senate race. This had nothing to do with Hackett.

    Reporters are so stupid.

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