PBD has the proof

Yet another in a very long list of Brown campaign gaffes. And then we are asked why the hell don’t we support Sherrod’s campaign? Sheesh. That one’s easy fellas! Not only now do we have De Vellis trolling anonymously, he’s now a heads up machine for the GOP blogs. Pissed off about that candidate forum still eh?

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  • watching the Brown campaign is like watching those Monster.com ads with the monkeys, guys running around, slapping each other on the ass, waving bananas in the air, jumping up and down on their keyboards….

  • Eric

    Well now hell. Phil is pissed off at me. I say don’t do stupid shit like this and it won’t get blogged on. He’s claiming it a rumor and half truth. I dunno. Looked like an honest to goodness email to me.

    So if Phil would clear it up by just stating on the record that he never sent an email to GOP bloggers we’d be done, right?

    Or how about having that Sherrod Brown scheduler give me a shout and an answer on an open debate with MTB?

    I’d say both might be a better use of your time, because the ‘netroots strategy is blowing up like a cheap pipe bomb – right in your face!

  • this blog isn’t bullshit

    There can be no doubt they are missing Tageris at Brown HQ.

  • well, that confirms something for me. Phil and the boys haven’t been happy with PBD since we gave minor back-up to Tim and Russell’s notions of what happened at the ODP party.

    o well. either that or he broke Sherrod’s ban on employee posting and visited as “anonymous”. see Phil, that’s why you were mentioned in our post. You jumped in the big water, it’s got an undertow. IOW, you inserted yourself in the story, and became part of it.

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