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DCCC: Pryce Rubber Stamp (Video)

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New DCCC Web Ad Shows Pryce Supporting Risky Social Security Privatization, Blindly Approving Special Interest Budget and Consistently Putting George Bush and Campaign Contributors Ahead of Ohio Families:

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More on the Pryce Rubber Stamp Method after the break

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PBD has the proof

Yet another in a very long list of Brown campaign gaffes. And then we are asked why the hell don’t we support Sherrod’s campaign? Sheesh. That one’s easy fellas! Not only now do we have De Vellis trolling anonymously, he’s now a heads up machine for the GOP blogs. Pissed off about that candidate forum still eh?

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from The Hill:

Hackett stumbled in early September, Democrats add, when he failed to announce his bid to unseat Sen. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) sooner instead of later, inviting a challenge from Rep. Sherrod Brown (D). Now the party faces a protracted primary.

What? That sure isn’t how I remember it going down. I coulda swore it was Brown who delayed. Coulda swore. What kind of revisionist history is this? So now Hackett is the reason for a contested primary? I seem to remember he got there first and Brown said he felt the people of the 13th still needed […]

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