Audio of the Hackett speech via OH02:

Quick audio update (late because I forgot xmlrpc is still messed up):

Back from the event and I must say it went really well. A ton of people out already (this is February) for a primary in May! We hung out in the room (photos after the break) and snacked, talked, and introduced each other, then moved into an adjoining room – packed like sardines – to see Paul and hear him talk about the campaign and introduce Trish Lanahan from re:organize, who will be the Columbus area field director. She used to work with Citizen Action – no wonder we both like canvassing as I had a short stint there as well!

Afterward the place was busy with people eager to sign up. There were plenty of young volunteers, which was good to see. The energy was great. I also got to meet the folks from both OH02 blog and Buckeye Senate blog, as well as several from the Hackett for Ohio staff. John Sauter from ODP was there as too. Always good to see John.

I’d say things are looking up for the Hackett campaign in Central Ohio!

Update: UAPA has a take (wish I woulda known who – woulda introduced myself and talked a bit!)


The crowd squeezes me into a corner – the room was elbow to elbow pretty much, with everyone talking and introducing one another:

The crowd squeezing me into a corner

Another crowd shot:

Another crowd shot

The grub line – standard tailgaiting fare:

The grub line

Paul arrives (that real camera dude was good – he was all over!):

Paul arrives

Paul tells the crowd that Dems can win in ’06 and that will set the stage for a Dem President in ’08 (everybody kinda dug that):

We can win in '06 and '08!

Another shot of Paul talking with his hands (telling all to embrace the new definition of limited government I believe):

Embrace it!