Pop quiz: Name a prominent politician who has been a member of 3 different political parties in his career, Democrat, Charterite (wtf?), and now Republican. Ding ding ding! Kenneth J. Blackwell. He went from Dem to Reep back in the 80s. Now why would one do that? Not sure, can’t find that in a bio anywhere. But does it mean he is less a Republican now? We might agree no.

So the idiotic smear on the PD “blog” that appears to have been spread around by the Brown campaign that Paul Hackett is really a Republican – does Brown really need to differentiate himself as the more liberal candidate?

First things first. Listen to Paul. He’s no wingnut…not even a moderate Reep. The most you could say is he is redefining what it is to be a Democrat and doing so in a way that benefits the party by bringing more into the fold who would otherwise have to grin a bear being rounded up into the right-wing fold. So sure Brownies, you guys are surely the more liberal. But is that really a winning strategy in the state of Ohio? Methinks no.

As far as the PD is concerned and their little blog experiment, it’s cool and all – but no comments kinda blow and defeat the point of blog engagement really. But i can understand still being stuck in the talk AT mentality, seeing how long you’ve been in the broadcast paradigm. But if you want true comedic relief, just take a visit over to their version of participation – the, uh, Open Forum. LMFAO. (short for i’m laughing really, really hard right now Bill)

But best of all PD-wise is their illegal shouldering for the Blackwell campaign. BSB gives us the visual. This one should get fun.

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