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Update: This is now my favorite song of the year (ManicD’s Steeler Anthem – check the site for the video too!) PS – support indie artists by checking out his upcoming album.

21-10. I’ve waited 26 long years for this – to be able to say “one for the thumb”. Congratulations Steelers, Steelers fans, Dan Rooney, Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, and all the rest! This one will go down in NFL history as the greatest run to the Superbowl Championship EVER!

Thanks to Russell for finally getting it right.

I-I-I-I-I had a feelin’….Pittsburgh was gonna win the Superbowl!

The win made some Browns fans want to vomit with jealousy. Probably being joined right now by Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, and Jake Plummer.