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Update: This is now my favorite song of the year (ManicD’s Steeler Anthem – check the site for the video too!) PS – support indie artists by checking out his upcoming album.

21-10. I’ve waited 26 long years for this – to be able to say “one for the thumb”. Congratulations Steelers, Steelers fans, Dan Rooney, Bill Cowher, Jerome Bettis, and all the rest! This one will go down in NFL history as the greatest run to the Superbowl Championship EVER!

Thanks to Russell for finally getting it right.

I-I-I-I-I had a feelin’….Pittsburgh was gonna win the Superbowl!

The win made some Browns fans want to vomit with jealousy. Probably being joined right now by Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning, and Jake Plummer.


  • Eric –

    In a very strange way – I’m thrilled for you.
    For Stiller’s fans 2005-06 was a pretty interesting ride to say the least

    Enjoy it. Revel in it. Relish it.
    Training Camp starts in 5 months.

    We’ll get you next year….maybe.

  • Eric

    Thanks for that Scott. I’d be likewise oddly happy for you as well. Works that way. Friendships are always more important to me than sports. It’s why I had a Giants fan over last night who was sorta kinda rooting for his NFC team, but still wanted me to get a win.

    You will surely have the opportunity to get us next year and I look forward to it. I am soaking it up for sure…

  • Congrats on Bill Leavy winning the Super Bowl. I hope they give him a ring.

  • Eric

    So we survive equally poor – if not more so from a “matters to the game” standpoint – versus Indy and still no credit. Keep in mind this is a 6 seed who beat the 3, 1, and 2…then won what was admittedly a poorly played game on both sides of the ball versus the 1 seed in the NFC.

    Then there is the “yeah, but Seattle played poorly and gave it to the Steelers”…blah, blah, blah. Yes, that is what happens in games. One team plays better than the other and finds a way to win. I surely wish it had been more convincing, but this “yeah but” shit is getting on my nerves.

    So come on now. Asterisk it if you want to, we still got #5 and made history along the way.

  • Eric

    PS – “Yeah, but” is the perennial cry of the sports loser. Some crap I’m reading today is pathetic – and most from Steeler haters anyway (no surprise). “Parker only went 9 for 18 if you take away the 75 yard run” – pro-Cowboys slant. Take away the long run…classic “yeah, but” loser story.

    “Ward had only five catches to lead the Steelers, but most of his 123 yards came on that Randle El reverse and it was good enough to get him game MVP honors” – Patsfans.com. Sure, take away another big play. LOL.

    If I take away half of Hasselbeck’s completions, he was only half as good. blah.

  • Anyone see the Oklahoma-Kansas basketball game before the Super Bowl? Now THAT was a game!

  • Nothing against the Steelers, but man those were some bad calls.

  • Eric

    I can see the hold being bad for sure, but there were missed calls and bad calls on both sides. I just think awarding the refs a ring for “giving” Pittsburgh the Super Bowl is a bit much. Plus, great teams survive bad calls (we did). I personally thought the push in the endzone did give an advantage. No other play really was a game-deciding thing.

    Now if you take away the 75 yard run and the long pass to Ward…yeah, we probably lose. LOL.

  • I’d say the hold that took Seattle from the goalline and dropped them into a first and 20 was pretty decisive too. That was a ticky-tack call, and helped the Stealers off the ropes.

    Of course, the Seahawks were lucky to get Hasselback’s fumble back on a technicality. Pittsburgh stepped up and won.
    Still hate ’em.

  • Eric

    😉 Are we having fun yet?

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