Just In: For liveblogging this event, check OH02. BSB is also there and will have stuff afterwards. Should be good coverage!

…can’t make it! Argh. Wound up with way too much crap on my plate today and will not be able to get down for it. If anyone is down and wants to do some live audioblogging, ring me up on 740-417-3333 and I’ll set it up. If you know how to get in touch with someone who is, give me a shout too and I’ll get with them.

But on a positive note (I think), I’ll be free to run down and cover the Sherrod Brown deal at Mean Bean…as well as maybe hook up with him and buy some vegetables at the downtown farmer’s market. Should be a blast! Update: Hmmm…I gotta look at my schedule closer – can’t be at Mean Bean either. Plunderbund is a bust for today! LOL. Hopefully someone can give us a rundown on how things go there.

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