Just In: For liveblogging this event, check OH02. BSB is also there and will have stuff afterwards. Should be good coverage!

…can’t make it! Argh. Wound up with way too much crap on my plate today and will not be able to get down for it. If anyone is down and wants to do some live audioblogging, ring me up on 740-417-3333 and I’ll set it up. If you know how to get in touch with someone who is, give me a shout too and I’ll get with them.

But on a positive note (I think), I’ll be free to run down and cover the Sherrod Brown deal at Mean Bean…as well as maybe hook up with him and buy some vegetables at the downtown farmer’s market. Should be a blast! Update: Hmmm…I gotta look at my schedule closer – can’t be at Mean Bean either. Plunderbund is a bust for today! LOL. Hopefully someone can give us a rundown on how things go there.

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  • Sherrod Brown at Meanbean sounds dull. I wish you could have liveblogged the candidate forum instead.

  • Eric

    turns out can’t do either! argh

  • Eric,

    BSB is going to be there and will get audio and pictures. However, he won’t be liveblogging so we all have to wait until after the forum to get the tidbits.

  • Eric,

    Oh-O2 is live blogging the event. Refer everyone to that website.

  • I was there, it was a great event! I’m amazed and impressed we have such a solid group of Democrats up and down the ticket. In nearly every race, there is at least one candidate I could proudly and passionately support. There is no shortage of democratic talent in the state.

    My only disappointment, sad to say, was with Hackett. I just moved to OH from out of state so I only know of his mystique from the internet and the special election last year, but I’ve never seen him live. Same with Sherrod, who didn’t really impress me, but I didn’t really expect him to. So when Paul spoke, I wanted him to do well. But (and I know I risk heavy flames for this) he doesn’t come across as having thought-out positions or knowlege on many issues (too much: “I’d have to look into that”) and the shots he took at Brown really rubbed many people in the room a long way. I have no fondness for Brown, but was uncomfortable watching one Democrat attack another in such a friendly setting. I feel like this is the fault of his advance staff – why not tell him the room had been a love-fest all day and not to spoil the mood with negative attacks? Why not just talk about his strengths and leave it up to the voters to decide who they liked? Dunno… this is the one race on the ticket where I’m not yet excited about a candidate.

    However, thanks to the event I’m a major Subodh Chandra fan and also really liked Barbara Sykes and Hugh Quill. Who knew a person could be excited about a race for Auditor and Treasurer?

    All in all a great event and I hope the first of many. Sorry you couldn’t make it, PB.

  • Paul Minor

    My thanks to dirtgirl. I too have yet to see PH, have seen Sherrod, given his career, and at our DelaDem dinner, where he was not boring at all but very good. Also, one on one he impressed me and that?s important to me.

    I too know PH only from the mystique. Rare it is when I don’t know enough about Dems such that I don’t have a favorite, yet that is my status on 2/4/06. I am predisposed to back PH based on his Iraq Vet experience, his outsider appeal, his rep for bluntness and backbone, his lack of career (Cong. votes) political baggage, and his damn near freakish upset down in reepub owned redneckville where the fabulous Jean M. Shit eeked out a Diebold victory and then promptly lied and degraded a US Military hero on the floor of Congress, but I digress.

    Hackett must have something going on besides above in terms of charisma, and this I have heard is the case. But due to the lack of solid Dem wins in this state for sooo long, just imagine and consider the ramifications regarding the lack of validly qualified Dem campaign advisors and the lack of good political advice there must be for such candidates! Hopefully PH will run an aggressive but tempered campaign that reflects his values and potential. Some Dems I love and respect, like my Dad are skeptical as of now. I am way open.

    We need a candidate who will kick Dewine’s tail, pin him quite correctly to and prosecute him for supporting the horrid failure and corruption of today?s Rove directed perverted reepub$ power machine without self-destructing in the process. This is key.

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