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I love it when wingnuts squirm…and can’t figure out what to say when they are busted. It happens quite a bit. Here’s one (probably best ever!). Here’s another.

Wanna know who the real danger to America and the world at large is? You just were lookin’ at him.

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  • Paul Minor

    Darn, FOX Muse had to go to break just when it appeared pretty obvious that his holiness was just about to have a breakthrough and discover for himself that he is in fact incoherent. Incoherent: not as catchy as flip-flopper maybe, but whatever; man that guy?s a freaking mental. I guess it would be kind of funny if I didn’t believe that America and the world would be safer and better off if Pat Robertson could somehow, I dunno, be, er, maybe taken out. I’m mean I guess, one day, one day, I mean my premise is, that uh, maybe instead of a bunch of fools being separated from there hard earned money and lined into the pocket of this hatemonger shyster in the false name of Christianity, maybe it might be better if Pat Robertson could just maybe I don’t know, uh go spend a few eternities with Jimmy Hoffa or something I don’t know, I?m just saying?not now…

    And wow, he was so off his script that it seemed like he was about willing to join with Cindy Sheehan when he tried horribly to justify his buffoonery by switching tracks to lamenting the US soldiers who are being maimed and the billions and hundreds of billions of dollars that are being wasted, but ahh man, they just had time for Sean Hitlery to try-n pull him from his own fire and rush off to break. It?s just like the Oscars, when the FOX going-to- break-NOW music starts aplaying the scene is called to stop.

  • would it be terribly wrong of me to just say, “Amen”?

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